Letterhead and logo

11:06 pm in cyberhive, treehaus by Tomasz

Just in time for our open haus, our logo is not 100% complete, but is maturing nicely.

In case you, the invisible audience, are wondering what/how/where we do the things we do, there is an opportunity to come ask us in person July 20th at 4pm. This will actually be an open haus for our unofficial umbrella corporation Treehaus. This is especially for anyone who is looking for office space from which to conduct their sole proprietorship, partnership, professional hobby, what have you.

In other news, we’re busy cooking up a workflow for an inhaus production. “What production” you might ask? It might be a game, or two games, or more. It might be 2D, 3D, 4D or more! Whatever it is, it’s going to blow socks off of feet, feet off of legs, and legs off of all sorts of standing furniture.

Until next time,