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Totally On Topic

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Nah, not really. Every once in a while though, there’s just something you want as many people as possible to see something. Today is just another instance of that.

For anyone that doesn’t know, this is Genki Sudo:

Now, besides the amicable robot dancing, and the cute Japanese song, this is just run-of-the-mill weird-yet-amazing Japanese creative culture. But, I’ve just said so much right there! Robot dancing? Catchy Japanese song? This is a bit more awesome than I can tolerate. It’s research time.

Rather obviously, there are more:

This just keeps going. And this stuff is as hilarious as it is bizarre. More research uncovers scant details about World Order. Yet, there seems to be a consistent theme in the video suggestions on the side of youtube. At first glance, aside from the name, this video seems totally unrelated, and it’s excusable that the relational engine of youtube would simply link words and not necessarily content. Robots aren’t _that_ awesome yet, right?

W— wait a minute. Really? That’s right. Genki Sudo is a retired mixed martial artist that just decided to up-and-leave MMA for a while to become a musical artist – a successful one. He’s not doing too bad of a job. A little further reading provides that Genki has actually written a series of books, is working on a movie or two, and has a small discography. Yeah right. The man in the video above, seen kicking incomprehensible amounts of unsuspecting talent in the face is a hilarious choreographic genius.

Turns out, it’s just about par for Genki:

I guess if you’re going to make an entrance, it might as well be a mini rave, right?

This man is my hero. One more for good measure.

by Tomasz

Logo development

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Even if it is a little closer to paper-mache than Tron at this point, the Hive is taking shape.

More updates coming soon.